[Molvis-list] How does previous JMol version 10 compare to the current one?

Dr. Christoph Gille christoph.gille at charite.de
Sat Jun 26 11:27:20 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

I just checked out the current JMol version because I am
considering an update of JMol version 10 to the current version 12
for STRAP http://3d-alignment.eu/ .

In particular I was wondering whether version 11 can load more
than one protein like Pymol or VMD.

When I load another PDB file into JMol, the one already loaded disappears.

It seems to me that JMol can  have only one protein at a time?

Is this correct?

What improvements would version 12 provide over 10 for STRAP? Is
it worth the effort to do the update now or should I wait for the next version?
I think that version 10 is already very impressive, is extremely fast, stable and has
excellent rendering.


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