[Molvis-list] How does previous JMol version 10 compare to the current one?

Wayne Decatur wdecatur at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 26 18:08:04 EDT 2010

Hi Christoph,
Yes, since version 11 it has been possible to load more than one molecule into 
Jmol. Load APPEND or load FILES is what you want. See 
http://chemapps.stolaf.edu/jmol/docs/#loadappend.  In fact it also adds drag and 
drop to the signed applet that is meant to handle multiple files..

Additionally, in version 12 you can now do 3D-superpositions right in Jmol using 
the Compare function. Additionally, using the signed applet the export abilities 
have been quite advanced. You can save a jpg. Then say you are looking at 
something else in the signed applet,  and then drag the jpg back to the signed 
applet and an full Jmol view of what the picture was showing will load because 
now jpg and gif export the state as well. Check out 
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