[Molvis-list] pdb-l: Old style protein figures

Kevin Karplus karplus at soe.ucsc.edu
Thu Jan 6 14:33:21 EST 2011

Lucas  asked

> Is there a software out there that can render line art protein
> figures from PDB files as those found in old textbooks (such as, for
> example, Cantor & Schimmel's Biophysical chemistry)? If not, what
> would you recommend that would look nice in monochromatic printing?

There are many tools that produce ball-and-stick diagrams, but I don't
know of any off the top of my head that do so without shading and
label each atom with the N, C, O, S, H, P, ..., which seems to be what
Lucas is looking for.

Perhaps someone on the molecular viusalization list
molvis-list at bioinformatics.org
will be able to give a more useful answer.

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