[Owl-devel] Uniprot update script

Jose M. Duarte jose.m.duarte at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 09:19:59 EDT 2010

Hi all

I've checked in an updateUniprot.sh script (scripts directory) that grabs
the uniprot sequence files from the uniprot ftp if there are new ones and
then runs formatdb (for blasting) on them. It should work nicely as a daily
cronjob, it will only download a new version if one is available (a release
happens about every 3 weeks for uniprot). Beware that the uniprot sequence
files are quite big  (4.7GB uncompressed this week) and growing
exponentially! Maybe we should think about having uniref as well (i.e.
non-redundant version of uniprot)


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