[Owl-devel] Info about SVN repository

Henning Stehr stehr at molgen.mpg.de
Thu Mar 25 06:21:30 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I tried to add the following text to the OWL project page at
bioinformatics.org because there is so far no mention of the SVN
repository anywhere:

The latest development version of the OWL library can be found in the
trunk of the SVN repository. See the wiki for instructions on using
SVN. Before committing code for the first time, please contact the
group admins.

SVN repository (web client):

SVN instructions:

Developer's mailing list:

However, I didn't find a way to post this!

First, I tried to create a post in the project forums but no matter
what I try, I always get the message: "Error - choose a forum first"
Then, I tried to add the text to the project description which appears
at the top of the project page. But, this description can only be 255
characters long!
Finally, I tried to edit the wiki page which is linked as the "project
home page". But this requires a password which I don't have.

So, not that it should bother us too much at the moment, but currently
there is no way for an external visitor to know where to download the
code for the project (except for this post).

Any other ideas?


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