[Owl-devel] Question about code - readScoreMatsFromFiles

Dan Bolser dan.bolser at gmail.com
Wed May 5 13:32:15 EDT 2010

On 5 May 2010 15:48, Jose M. Duarte <jose.m.duarte at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5 May 2010 08:35, Dan Bolser <dan.bolser at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems that the method 'readScoreMatsFromFiles' in the Scorer class
>> of the owl.decoyScoring package should be renamed to something like
>> 'readTypeAndCountMatsFromFiles' ... or something similar.
> Agree.. that's probably a much better name! And by the way the java doc was
> not quite right so I've committed a fix for it. I must say I wrote all this
> code really quickly and I'm not very happy with much of it, especially with
> the object model. I think introducing the new interface would make things
> already a lot better.
>> My question is this, should I feel free to go ahead and rename
>> methods, with the intention that my commit will be reviewed, and,
>> where necessary, a sensible name will be picked (i.e. the method will
>> be re-renamed), or should I initiate a discussion about this change on
>> the mailing list (as above)?
> Well there's no good reply to that, it's based on feeling and experience as
> you would guess. It's pretty much the same as with wikipedia editing or any
> other type of crowd sourcing. For this case I wouldn't initiate a
> discussion, I'd just do it.
>> I realise that it's impossible to legislate for every kind of edit,
>> but I'm new to Java and new to the code base, so I don't have a good
>> feel for what constitutes an insignificant, minor,  significant
>> (annoying), or major change.
>> I tried to submit a change* which just added some comments, and I
>> found myself writing quite a lot in the commit message (to communicate
>> my intentions, but also asking some questions). Should I avoid putting
>> questions there?
> Re commit comments what I tend to do these days is to describe what the
> change is about in a brief way without going into the details of what exact
> code/specific class/methods changed but rather giving an overview like: what
> functionality changed, a certain bug was fixed, a refactoring and the
> reasons for it etc. In my opinion sometimes it is important to be verbose
> especially for certain bug fixes, code that break some compatibility and
> that kind of thing. In any case if in doubt rather be verbose than not!
> I'd say just take the plunge and experiment! By all means if you decide to
> rename do use eclipse's refactoring tool. It will take care of all
> interdependencies while refactoring plus it will warn you if something is
> wrong.

Cheers Jose, I'll do that.

I'm working through the replies to my original email in order in a
(probably misguided) attempt to be systematic... I'll let you know
when I get to the interface code and thinking about how to refactor
your code with respect to that.

All the best,

> Jose

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