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Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Thu Dec 10 07:49:15 EST 1998

> My mistake.  I saw the screenshot of MMTK, and I thought that it had its own
> GUI.  Is that VMD or something displaying the molecule?

Right. And I am happy enough with VMD for display, especially for
producing publication-quality images (via POVRay). But I don't see
much hope for interactive manipulation via VMD any time soon, and
for quick visualization jobs it's a bit slow.

Ideally there would be a "molecular visualization widget" with all of
VMD's visualization features, using OpenGL for speed. It would be
suitable for inclusion into GUIs (Tk and/or GTK) and provide all the
callback hooks necessary to implement interactive manipulation of

That's for all of you who don't know what to do in their spare time!

> > Which reminds me: perhaps we can steal browser-type code from Grail!
> I thought of that.  Grail is written in Python.  Plus there is a nice HTML
> widget for GNOME.  But again, the tools don't have to look like Web browsers to
> use XML, do they?

No, but for some aspects (e.g. an on-line manual) a traditional browser
is just fine.

Anyway, after all these theoretical discussions, how about something
more concrete: a TULIP wish list. What kinds of operations would
everyone like to see implemented? I must confess that this is still
rather unclear to me.

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