[Pipet Devel] free space for project details!

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Thu Dec 3 14:39:01 EST 1998


Thanks.  I'll look it over.  I was hoping to get a dedicated server set up at
UMass Lowell for TULIP, something like "tulip.bicgroup.org" or
"tulip.bicgroup.uml.edu".  The BIC Group, by the way, is a research center there
that is made up of researchers from many different places, yours truly being one
of them :-)

bizzaro at bc.edu

Tim wrote:
> Hey, I just had an idea.  www.lowrent.org is hosting sites for open
> source projects.  Perhaps a website there with pointers to
> already-finished stuff, related projects, and people working on tulip
> woud be neat?
> I believe all that has to be done is the project originator fills out
> this form:
> http://lowrent.org/apply.shtml
> and they forward mail adressed to, say, "tulip at lowrent.org" to your
> address, and hand you 5 MB of space (more than enough for some text,
> screenshots, and some pages with pointers to ftp site) at
> lowrent.org/tulip/ to describe the project, bugs, current status, etc.
> Anyways, the reason I noticed this is that someone wrote a flag parser
> and had their site hosted at lowrent.  Either that or because ml.org
> died, either way.
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