[Pipet Devel] Thomas joins!

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Thu Dec 3 13:53:58 EST 1998

Konrad, Jay, Tim,

Thomas Sicheritz, from Uppsala University in Sweden, will be joining the TULIP
development team.  He created the "Molecular Linux" Web site.


I will send you the first e-mail's that Konrad and I sent to each other, plus
the last few e-mails.  We've been discussing the use of CML, the Chemical Markup
Language, by Peter Murray Rust.  We would like to use an XML for structure info.

bizzaro at bc.edu

Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se wrote:

> Hej Jeff,
>  > Just wondering if you got my last e-mail.  If you want to contribute to
>  > TULIP, I'll put you on the mailing list and send you some of the latest
>  > messages.
> Sorry for not replying ... right now I have a mess in my mailbox ..
> Sure - I'd love to help with this project - please put me on the list and
> give me some background information.
> c ya
> -thomas
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> Sicheritz Ponten Thomas E.  Department of Molecular Biology
> blippblopp at linux.nu         BMC, Uppsala University
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> Fax   +46 18  557723        http://evolution.bmc.uu.se/~thomas
> Molecular Tcl:   http://evolution.bmc.uu.se/~thomas/tcl
> Molecular Linux: http://evolution.bmc.uu.se/~thomas/mol_linux
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