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Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se
Mon Dec 7 04:15:47 EST 1998

J.W. Bizzaro writes:
 > Guys,
 > It just occured to me that you may not all agree regarding the use of
 > the GTK widget set.  In fact, Konrad and Thomas (sorry if you don't like
 > being called Tom) 
thats ok ... :-)
 > have used Ousterhout's Tk widget set: Konrad used
 > Python/Tkinter in MMTK and Thomas used Tcl/Tk in BioWish and GRS.
 > If any of you think we should reconsider our choice widget sets, please
 > speak up.  I might be willing to switch to Tk if I find the reasons
 > compelling.  In any case, I don't want anyone to walk away from the
 > project over this.  Pleeeeeeeeeeease don't go! :-)

I have no experience at all with GTK ...
- but I like the GNU idea - which is only covered by Python and GTK ...

 > What are the pros and cons of each?  This is what I think:
 > Tk                                 GTK
 > ==========                         =============
 > Pro: Multiplatform                 Con: UNIX only for now
Most of the Sequence Analysis tools are for UNIX only ...
 > Con: Tkinter requires Tcl          Pro: Bindings to many languages are being made
 > Con: Rather large and slow         Pro: Python/GTK seems faster
 > Con: Looks like old Motif          Pro: Modern look and Theme-able
What's wrong with Motif, No-one considering SunOS OpenWindows widgets :-)

I mostly agree with this list - the core should have a rather fast widget set.
- what is necessary is that people can easily add their own modules written in 
  Tcl/Tk , perlTK, Vibrant, Motif e.t.c.
It would be nice to have a interpreter for both perl and tcl in the core
distribution (not the core) .. (shared, loadable libraries ???)

My opinion: stay with Python/GTK ...
-with tcl/tk it would not be a real GNU project ... would it ?


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