[Pipet Devel] GUI widget set

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Mon Dec 7 08:33:01 EST 1998

> It just occured to me that you may not all agree regarding the use of the GTK
> widget set.  In fact, Konrad and Thomas (sorry if you don't like being called
> Tom) have used Ousterhout's Tk widget set: Konrad used Python/Tkinter in MMTK
> and Thomas used Tcl/Tk in BioWish and GRS.

I used Tk because it was the only reasonable choice when I started
my project, and also because it was easier to get started with
(more examples etc.). But I also found out about its disadvantages,
and I have no problem with trying something else. I don't have much
personal experience with GTK yet, but I am impressed by its use
in other programs.

> Tk                                 GTK
> ==========                         =============
> Pro: Multiplatform                 Con: UNIX only for now
> Con: Tkinter requires Tcl          Pro: Bindings to many languages are being
> made
> Con: Rather large and slow         Pro: Python/GTK seems faster
> Con: Looks like old Motif          Pro: Modern look and Theme-able

I find Tk's look quite acceptable, but I agree that it's large and
slow. I don't like writing Tcl code at all, but I don't mind linking
with Tcl as long as all I interact with is Python!

The most serious issue could be the multiplatform support. Personally
I am happy with Unix, but I know that more and more people are forced
to use Windows, even if they don't like it. It would be good to know
how GTK is going to develop. Does anyone have insider information on this?

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