[Pipet Devel] genentech

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Thu Apr 1 23:00:56 EST 1999

I pretty sure I'm going to be accepted for an internship at Genentech this
summer, working in the biocomputing division. In the interview, the
director of this division was asking a lot of questions about Loci, and
seems very interested. 

Basically, they develop bioinformatic tools and client/middleware
interface software so the researchers can easily access these
bioinformatic tools and databases from easy-to-use interfaces over the

Sound familiar?

So far they've basically been doing Perl/CGI access just using netscape.
They are wanting to start making use of Java applets to make better
interfaces, too.

I was having some trouble explaining the Loci design to him, but we're
basically doing the same thing. Well, except that the Loci design is
substantially more powerful, flexible, easier to use, and provides better
client views. After we're done writing it, of course ;)

I have a friend who used to work out there, and he tells me they have some
absolutely brilliant people in the biocomputing/bioinformatics division
(although they're probably doing development on the bioinformatic
tools rather than the interface/network stuff). Given the overlap and
general interest they showed towards the Loci concept, it might not be too
big of a stretch to get genentech interested in the project. Or, at least,
maybe I can attract a few developers there.

They have a cross-platform concern, too, with Windows and MacOS, and
probably some unix, desktops. Has anyone heard about a GTK port to MacOS?

Anyway, just some idle speculation...

Justin Bradford
justin at ukans.edu

P.S. I'll actually get around to setting up CVS, SSH, etc. on the new
server this weekend. I promise. Any thing else we need on it?

P.S.S. Thanks J.W. for starting this project. It played a big part in this
getting (probably) this internship.

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