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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Apr 4 00:25:57 EST 1999

Hi Barry!

barry cohen wrote:
> Hi.
> I just ran across the Loci page, and like what's there.

I'm happy to hear it.

> I'm
> doing computational biology (PhD program) at SUNYSB. (My
> advisor and I have a paper at Recomb99 next week on a topic
> in combinatorial chemistry. It's on my web page
> www.cs.sunysb/~bcohen.)

Lucky guy.  I wish I were going ;-)

Is your Ph.D. in Computational Biology or Computer Science?

> I'd like to help with development of your project, but
> am not in a position to make a time commitment right now.

We'd like to have you help.  Don't worry about the time commitment.  We are
taking things very slowly, but we want many others to join so that we can get
more accomplished: Many hands make for light work.

> I do most of my coding in C/C++ under NT.

Okay.  I used to program in Windows too.

> I have a Linux
> installation on my machine, but have gotten used to a
> graphical interface, and have been waiting for one to
> stabilize under Linux.

Well, I'm a big GTK/GNOME advocate.  It's not entirely stable, as far as Linux
is concerned, but probably more stable than Windows.

> Perhaps you could give some feedback about how best
> to get up to speed on the state of development --
> i.e., framework discusssion and coding -- of Loci.

Most definitely take a look at the mailing list archive, especially the more
recent e-mails: 


You will also want to be on the list, so send an e-mail to this address: 

    majordomo at busboy.sped.ukans.edu 

with this text in the body of the message: 

    subscribe tulip-list 

If you want to find out more about the GUI tools we're using, check out this


Do you want an account our Linux server?

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