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Kenneth A. Marx Kenneth_Marx at uml.edu
Tue Apr 6 08:40:13 EDT 1999

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:

> Locians,
> I found out that the Grail project is now officially over.  They just released
> version 0.6 and have "changed the license" the allow derivative works.
> As we mentioned on this list, Grail is 100% Python and reads Python scripts to
> make applets in the browser window.  This is very much like our plan for GUI
> loci.
> I am inviting the Grail developers to join, because there appears to be some
> interest in continuing the development in some direction.  Of course it would be
> most beneficial for us to get the authors to help implement their own (very
> impressive) program.
> Jeff
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I believe there is a company formed by the early Grail developers that is marketing
the Grail package. So, I don't know whether Jeff is referring to that or to the
internal development within Oak Ridge that may in fact have ended.............Ken

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