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Kenneth A. Marx Kenneth_Marx at uml.edu
Mon Apr 5 10:04:13 EDT 1999

J.W. Bizzaro wrote:

> "Kenneth A. Marx" wrote:
> > Locians,
> >
> > I believe there is a company formed by the early Grail developers that is marketing
> > the Grail package. So, I don't know whether Jeff is referring to that or to the
> > internal development within Oak Ridge that may in fact have ended.............Ken
> > Marx
> We may be talking about two different programs.  The Grail I was talking about
> is a Web browser sponsored by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives
> (CNRI):
>     http://www.cnri.reston.va.us/about_cnri.html
> What is the Oak Ridge Grail?
> Jeff
> bizzaro at bc.edu


Yes, we are talking about two different GRAILS.  GRAIL from Oak Ridge is a
bioinformatics package that was one of the first to incorporate a suite of tools for
gene identigfication. There is a company, spun off from Oak Ridge, that maintains and
extends GRAIL. I don't know much more. Sorry to have confused anyone...........Ken

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