[Pipet Devel] RPM for the local app broker?

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Apr 9 04:53:26 EDT 1999

> Now, I'm thinking that we could actually use RPM, but there would be two
> problems:
>     (1) RPM installs etc. under root
>     (2) Not every UNIX system uses RPM, in fact only about half of the Linux
> systems
> But what if we modified it (it's GPL) to install etc. in the user's directory?

No need to modify anything; RPM can install any file anywhere.
And it should work on any Unix system. In fact, the RPM-based Linux
distributions could be the most difficult cases, because any
Loci use of RPM would have to be compatible with the general system

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