[Pipet Devel] RPM and RECOMB99

Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se
Fri Apr 9 07:27:44 EDT 1999

J.W. Bizzaro writes:
 > Now, I'm thinking that we could actually use RPM, but there would be two
 > problems:
 >     (1) RPM installs etc. under root
 >     (2) Not every UNIX system uses RPM, in fact only about half of the Linux
 > systems
 > But what if we modified it (it's GPL) to install etc. in the user's directory?

What about debians package manager ? - debian is the only true GNU Linux
distribution - and the "alien" script can switch between rpm/deb/tar/cpio

 > Oh yeah, and we can use the RPM-to-HTML rpmfind database for browsing loci
 > available on the Web.
sounds almost like an onliner ...  is it possible to use python for
perl-like oneliners ?

Now i have finaly managed to get my poster out of the #$#%# printer...
- in one hour I am catching  plane to the bioinformatics meeting in
Lyon/france ... how many Loci'ers am I going to see there ?

I am staying at:
Le Meridien, part Dieu
129 Rue Servient-part-dieu

- but most of the time I'll be nailed to my poster 
(Title: Comparative Analysis of Genomic Architectures) 

Lets try to meet and compile a loci_french_wine_db.py module :-)

c ya

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