[Pipet Devel] AMMP & 3D veiwers (Greg & SooHaeng)

Tim jabbo at mindless.com
Mon Apr 12 16:11:39 EDT 1999

Hey, good call.  I was just looking at this today... it's in C (not C++)
and that's what got me interested in it.  Eeeerie...

My project at work is running late (Oracle is fun like that, and it's
always helpful when the specifications change two days before you're
supposed to release it), but I got *some* work done on the Glade layout
for my little translator program.  I will post the code to the mailing
list as soon as it's done, hopefully Wednesday, and perhaps the
experienced old hands -- Humberto, Harry, etc. -- can point out all the
ways in which I have demonstrated my incompetence.

ps.  Does anyone know of an old-style C++ preprocessor that generates C
code as its output, like it was when C++ was first introduced?  I think
I may be able to pick apart chunks of VTK in this fashion...

    "Indeed, it would not be an exaggeration to describe 
     the history of the computer industry for the past
     decade as a massive attempt to keep up with Apple."
                                  -- Byte, 12/94

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