[Pipet Devel] cvs is up!

Tim jabbo at mindless.com
Wed Apr 14 18:07:19 EDT 1999

Fuck Pharmacy, use cvsweb.  Here's my cvsweb.conf and the script, let me
know if you need help with it.  Best interface for CVS I've ever seen.

(our CVS tree is in /opt/cvs, for reference)

Also, *don't* run cvsweb.cgi under mod_perl, just in case you were
thinking of doing so.  It leaks memory like a sieve.  Finally, here's
the cvs manual, tar'd up and ready to stick on the website for easy

I finally crashed through a ton or so of shit on our project today. 
I'll send in my Codon package and (hopefully) some useful RPMs (Babel
1.6, 1.6, Codon) too.

Finally, did you get a chance to set up ssh?  I don't know what my
account name or password is on the machine (don't remember the IP
either) so if you could pass those on (maybe in a tarball or something,
just to obscure the text) that'd be great.  If ssh isn't set up I can
write you a script to run as root to do so.

     "They were called 'wonder workers' by an observer
      who caught one of them wondering what kind of a 
       wrench to use to hammer a screw into a brick."
                     --George Brown
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