[Pipet Devel] cvs is up!

Tim jabbo at mindless.com
Wed Apr 14 18:13:18 EDT 1999

Oops.  I skillfully sent that message to the list, apologies all
around.  For some reason I thought I had replied only to Jeff.  Well,
the up side is that now everyone has their very own CVS manual... I
humbly beg your forgiveness(es).

Thousand pardons, all.

Anyways, command-line CVS is pretty easy once you get used to it. 
Checkout, commit, update, remove, and add are the only commands most
people will need.  So taking the time to build Pharmacy or figure out
jCVS is pretty much a waste.  Whereas the ability to dig through the CVS
tree and old diffs to find out where a bug came from is absolutely key,
and that is what CVSweb offers.  Muy bien.

If you think of CVS as a way to make the arrow of time point backwards
(state-of-the-code wise, at least) the utility of such a tool is

That's what I meant to say, at least in public.  Sorry for the language.

    "A supercomputer is a device for converting
     a CPU-bound problem into an I/O bound problem."

                            --Ken Batcher

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