[Pipet Devel] project tree and names

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Thu Apr 15 12:58:21 EDT 1999


I split Loci up into 7 independent projects, independent because they are pretty
much executable without the other components, and may in some cases be a set of
independent executables (as with the editors).  Each of the 7 projects can be a
module in the CVS.

The projects will be named loci-<whatever>, as has been the convention for large
systems like GNOME and KDE.  You will notice below that I have changed some
names (again, and maybe to your annoyance :-).  I would like to make the
"laboratory names" prominent for different components, especially for those the
user will interact with directly.

I abbreviated some names, like inst == instrument (any editor), spec == specimen
(biodata and all display components).  Other nicknames are slide (viewer/browser
locus) as in microscope slide, and stage (figure builder) as in microscope
stage.  I have also renamed AppBroker to Locus Server, which I think could be
the same program for both local and remote installations.

Any comments or questions?

loci-insts          (biodata editors)

    inst-na1d       (nucleic acid seq editor)
    inst-aa1d       (amino acid seq editor)
    inst-aa2d       (amino acid motif editor)
    inst-3d         (3d molecule editor)
    inst-phy        (phylogeny editor)

loci-benchtop       (workspace)

    wfd             (work flow diagram)
    spec-mngr       (biodata manager)
    locus-mngr      (locus manager)

loci-slide          (biodata browser)

    spec-iface      (biodata GUI)
    spec-image      (biodata image)
    spec-data       (biodata)

loci-stage          (figure builder)

loci-locuserv       (application broker)

loci-locuswrap      (locus wrapper)

    wrap-gui        (GUI locus wrapper)
    wrap-cl         (command-line locus wrapper)

loci-ibuild         (biodata GUI builder)

J.W. Bizzaro                  mailto:bizzaro at bc.edu
Boston College Chemistry      http://www.uml.edu/Dept/Chem/Bizzaro/

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