[Pipet Devel] ORBit documentation

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Aug 2 11:29:11 EDT 1999


I came across some ORBit (C-based CORBA used in Gnome and soon to be used in
Loci) documentation.  It might be a good place to start for all of us on the
list who are new to CORBA:


But what really struck me about this documentation is that it was written by
Ewan Birney, a fellow bioinformaticist at the Sanger Center.  Perhaps he might
like to get involved in Loci.  Well, I just sent him a letter.  Peter, if you're
reading this, maybe Ewan can help interface Loci and EMBOSS :-)  It's worth a
shot.  We need more help with CORBA.  Right now Justin (ahem) is working on a
Python interface to ORBit.

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