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Subject: Announce: ProtSuite - first developers beta release version

The BioDOM project announces its first major software release: ProtSuite -
A client-side customisable hypermedia system for linking into biomolecular
databases. A collection of perl and perl/Tk scripts that use XML and DOM
processing to convert text queries over biomolecular databases into a
local XML repository of sequences and structures of interest to YOU.

This is mainly a developers release, although all are free to download it,
the program still has many rough edges, and should not be considered
stable for long term use at this stage.

The program is available under the GPL/Artistic license for FREE and is
available from:
The release includes all necessary associated perl modules and ancilliary

The program is currently UNIX only and has so far only been tested under
Linux (SuSE 6.1).

Please download it, have a look and then LET ME KNOW what you think - I
would really appreciate all feedback.  

Known issues/bugs:
The PDB parser is alpha and currently in revision
The SwissProt parser has not fully been tested against the new release
There is no error reporting/debugging info.

Adam Moore
Virtual School of Molecular Sciences
School of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Nottingham
Personal Page:http://www.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk/~paxamr/

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