[Pipet Devel] rfc for loci web pages

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Fri Aug 27 15:22:04 EDT 1999


I have a template page for the Loci pages ready for viewing 


Its JUST a template page, so not all the links work, and I'm trying to 
get a couple of bugs out.  Let me tell you, trying to use style sheets 
for positioning is a waste of time like you would not believe! So I have 
given up and used tables for positioning.  Here is a small run down of 
the web page design

1. Each web page has a header file that is 'included' by php -- thats the 

2. The web page grabs a random background each time you reload -- very 

3. Then there is a bunch of table formatting to prepare for the main content 
and the table of contents.

4. The file php 'includes' a trailer as well - so far just a button to 
the propaganda.themes page, but i'll probably put an apache logo, and 
maybe a loci button !

Everyone that has seen the template pages so far says they are very nice. 
The lambda logo is a hit with everyone-- it's basically ripped off from 
half-life (rocking video game) which is in turn ripped off from Aphex Twin 
(ambient music). 

You can also go to 


and there is a template page for the open lab there too, but it's no 
different than the loci page for all practical purposes.  For fun you can 
navigate to the loci page from the tol main page by clicking Development 
projects, then The Loci Project.  From there you can go the Loci 
development page or the GNU Lesser Public Licence link--but not all of 
these pages are 'sync'd yet--hopefully before the end of the week!

I await your comments!

Gary Van Domselaar		gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Faculty of Pharmacy 		Phone: (780) 492-4493
University of Alberta		FAX:   (780) 492-5305
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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