[Pipet Devel] rfc for loci web pages

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Fri Aug 27 16:07:46 EDT 1999


I'm back from the dead...for now.

I checked out the new Web pages a little earlier and told Gary just how groovy
and far out it is.  Don't you agree?

BTW, Gary, you should also post that message to the main TOL mailing list:

    theopenlab at bioinformatics.org


Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> Locians,
> I have a template page for the Loci pages ready for viewing
> http://gvd.v-wave.com/loci
> Its JUST a template page, so not all the links work, and I'm trying to
> get a couple of bugs out.  Let me tell you, trying to use style sheets
> for positioning is a waste of time like you would not believe! So I have
> given up and used tables for positioning.  Here is a small run down of
> the web page design
> 1. Each web page has a header file that is 'included' by php -- thats the
> logo.
> 2. The web page grabs a random background each time you reload -- very
> trippy!
> 3. Then there is a bunch of table formatting to prepare for the main content
> and the table of contents.
> 4. The file php 'includes' a trailer as well - so far just a button to
> the propaganda.themes page, but i'll probably put an apache logo, and
> maybe a loci button !
> Everyone that has seen the template pages so far says they are very nice.
> The lambda logo is a hit with everyone-- it's basically ripped off from
> half-life (rocking video game) which is in turn ripped off from Aphex Twin
> (ambient music).
> You can also go to
> http://gvd.v-wave.com/
> and there is a template page for the open lab there too, but it's no
> different than the loci page for all practical purposes.  For fun you can
> navigate to the loci page from the tol main page by clicking Development
> projects, then The Loci Project.  From there you can go the Loci
> development page or the GNU Lesser Public Licence link--but not all of
> these pages are 'sync'd yet--hopefully before the end of the week!
> I await your comments!
> --Gary
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