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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Aug 31 20:50:02 EDT 1999


This message is from Gary.  I thought I'd share it with this list (this is 'The
Open Lab' afterall).  It's about the upcoming (mid-September) Loci meeting in
Boston (LOCI '99).  The meeting will be pretty small (4-5 people) and short (2
hours).  If you will be in the area and would like to attend, let me know. 
Otherwise, there is no need to travel any great distance.  The most likely
attendees are:

    Gary Van Domselaar
    Ken Marx
    David Lapointe

Justin, Humberto and Alan, who have been contributing to the design of Loci's
underpinnings: WE NEED MORE FEEDBACK!  The concept is complete, but the
implementation is not.  We left off this summer talking about CORBA, DOM and
'Data Managers', but then everything went silent.  We need to get these things
ironed out for presentations, publications and grant proposals.  See below.

Thus spaketh Gary:
There are several of us who will be in Boston from in September from the
7th to the 21st.  I was thinking we should perhaps have an initial
agenda of issues that we would like to cover while we are down there, so
we could perhaps prep a bit ahead of time (although prep time is running
short!).  Any ideas?  I was thinking:
  0. Review the status of the Loci project as it currently stands, in
  terms of active developers and advisors. Perhaps we should plan
  recruiting strategy to attract more developers. We should set
  milestone dates as well for the different aspects of Loci development,
  although I understand that with volunteer grad students as developers,
  these milestones are basically pipe-dreams, but  granting agencies
  like to see them ;-)
  1.  Formalize the project details. This will take a collaboration
  between our resident experts, Justin, Humberto, etc. With their input,
  I think Jeff and I may be able to draft something and identify which
  parts of loci are still sketchy and need to be fleshed-out, so that
  we can begin the process of writing a grant application. This, I
  imagine, may take quite a bit of time.
  2. Identify granting agencies and programs under which our project may
  fit.  Has anyone looked into GNU? I understand that they can offer
  resources for gpl development, ie web space.
  3. Identify popular micro-breweries in Boston and evaluate them ;-).

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