[Pipet Devel] rfc for loci web pages

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Fri Aug 27 16:44:37 EDT 1999

> Carlos Maltzahn wrote:
> > 
> > Looks nice -- but if you have a slow connection, the huge logo and the
> > changing background can be really annoying. I prefer simple and fast web
> > pages (e.g. www.python.org).

I understand that sentiment, but I would also argue that people with slow 
connections can turn images off in the preferences section of their 
browser, also, I think I can use PHP to allow people to 'customize' pages 
 so that they can have a static background, text only, etc...  The Python 
page is simple and fast, but its not the most aesthetically pleasing web 
page in the world...

I have also tried to keep the file sizes for the images small. The loci 
logo is about 48 Kb, and each background tile is between 16 and 60 Kb.  The 
cache, so every new page only requires a new background, so about max 60 kb 
overhead per page. Is this too much?  I've talked to some others around 
the lab-- they seem to think its worth it.

> Gary, I've been using 1/4-size images from Bowie Poag's collection.  I think
> Bowie's images are about 40 k each.  I managed to get them down to < 10 k.  This
> is where I keep them:
>     http://bioinformatics.org/bgrounds/
> I guess you're linking directly to the themes.org page; is that right?

Actually, I went through every tile in the propaganda collection and
downloaded the nice ones to the bgrounds directory (on my computer). There
are 219 in the new bgrounds dir, but they havent been resized.  If it is
important enough, I suppose we could resize the backgrounds and logos. 


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