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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Sun Dec 19 18:41:40 EST 1999

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> If we were to follow the apache example, we would not specify a public
> and private directory explicitly, but rather use an authentication
> procedure (like apache's .htaccess) to create private (or perhaps
> 'restricted') directories from publically accessible ones. So
> /home/brad/loci/public_loci/                    //unrestricted access, network
> viewable

Is this directory _automatically_ an unrestricted area?

Like I was saying in my follow-up message, we probably just need some
loci/public/ directories as security 'sandboxes'.

> /home/brad/loci/public_loci/germ_warfare/       //restricted access, network
> viewable

So, we can have a '.access' file that will cause Loci to ask for a login?  I
like that.

> Of course, like apache, there's nothing stopping you from _making_ a
> separate directory to contain your private files
> /home/brad/loci/private_loci/                   //completely private, network hidden

Of course, EVERYTHING outside of loci/public/ should be private.  You can make
a loci/private directory, but it won't be any different from any non-
loci/public/ directory.  IOW, it wouldn't be neccessary.

I wonder how this 'Apache approach' meshes with CORBA.  CORBA has its own
security protocols, right?  Would anyone in-the-know care to comment on this?

> > The transfer of the actual program or data that the locus represents is
> > another case altogether.  I think this can be handled (in a GUI sense) via
> > pop-up menu option and not DnD.
> For DnD, you may want to consider providing the user with option to do a
> move, copy, or symbolic link, via pop-up menu, in direct analogy to
> right-button DnD in Windoze.

So, a button3 DnD would bring up a dialog.

Button1 DnD would by default move a locus if source and destination are both

Button1 DnD would by default copy a locus if either source or destination (or
both) are remote.  (This is typically how inter-filesystem transfers work on
the Mac and Windows.)

What about _writing_ to a _remote_ container?  If I do a DnD from my local
Workspace to a remote container, should I have write permissions?  This might
be a good mechanism for 'sharing loci'.  This certainly would require a login
of some sort.

So, should a .access file be required for any remote writing to a filesystem? 
Or should 'writers' have a shell account, as we have CVS set up (I think you
can give CVS write access to someone who doesn't have a shell account)?

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