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Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Sun Dec 19 22:39:24 EST 1999

"J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:
> Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> >
> > If we were to follow the apache example, we would not specify a public
> > and private directory explicitly, but rather use an authentication
> > procedure (like apache's .htaccess) to create private (or perhaps
> > 'restricted') directories from publically accessible ones. So
> >
> > /home/brad/loci/public_loci/                    //unrestricted access, network
> > viewable
> Is this directory _automatically_ an unrestricted area?

I would suggest that loci's configuration utility would provide a
directive for identifying the default 'public_loci', but as with any
Unix filesystem, would require the proper permissions attributes in
order to make it truly 'world readable'.  The directory would not be
created by loci, but created by the Loci user who wants to have a 'Loci
site' ;-)

> > For DnD, you may want to consider providing the user with option to do a
> > move, copy, or symbolic link, via pop-up menu, in direct analogy to
> > right-button DnD in Windoze.
> So, a button3 DnD would bring up a dialog.
> Button1 DnD would by default move a locus if source and destination are both
> local.
> Button1 DnD would by default copy a locus if either source or destination (or
> both) are remote.  (This is typically how inter-filesystem transfers work on
> the Mac and Windows.)
> What about _writing_ to a _remote_ container?  If I do a DnD from my local
> Workspace to a remote container, should I have write permissions?  This might
> be a good mechanism for 'sharing loci'.  This certainly would require a login
> of some sort.
> So, should a .access file be required for any remote writing to a filesystem?
> Or should 'writers' have a shell account, as we have CVS set up (I think you
> can give CVS write access to someone who doesn't have a shell account)?

I like the .access idea, for writing to remote filesystems, but I dont
know enough about CORBA's authentication capabilities (although I know
that they are provided for in the OMG's LSG's IDL) to make a decent
comparison between the two approaches.  I suspect a .access file would
require extra work for the Loci developers, if CORBA can do the same
thing, perhaps that is a better solution.  Maybe Justin has some
relevant comments on this...

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