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Attached is the reply from Peter.

Peter, tacg may "overlap" EMBOSS, but Loci will not.  Loci is only concerned
with developing a framework for communication between tools, plus a set of small
sequence/structure visualization/manipulation tools.  Larger analysis programs
will come from elsewhere (such as tacg and EMBOSS).  We will not be creating
anything new in that respect.

Possibly the first thing we would like to implement from the EMBOSS project is
Ajax/ACD.  We have a "locus" being developed by Justin Bradford called
"Gatekeeper", which will act as a gateway between loci and command-line analysis
tools.  Gatekeeper needs to convert queries/requests from Loci into command-line
standard-in (much like Ajax) plus convert standard-out into XML.

bizzaro at bc.edu
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