[Pipet Devel] more nice interfaces

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Fri Feb 26 15:49:03 EST 1999

Thomas.Sicheritz at molbio.uu.se wrote:

> If you strip the windows feel and look ... ok. - but I thought we were
> going  to make something more gimpish ...

Gimpish, meaning everything gets its own little window?  Yes, unless 2+ things
are much better being in the same window.  A file list on the side, as I keep
seeing, seems to be a convenient feature.

In any case, the most important thing (and this is where comparisons to GIMP
come in) is that the data appears just as it would be printed in a publication. 
So, in a sense, what the users are doing is manipulating a picture, image,
photo, whatever.

> Another commerc. application:
> A former colleague send me this screendump (lousy quality)

I am also interested in just what that is a picture of.  It seems to be a rather
comprehensive little package written in Java.

>  > BTW, how's the sequence editor coming along?
> I just returned to work. I have just started to take a look into python and
> converted my biowish C module to a python extension.
> if anyone is interested: http://evolution.bmc.uu.se/~thomas/tulip/

Grrreat! ;-)

> Questions:
>  * what minimum set do I need for compiling gnome canvas ?
>    I really dont want to compile all possible (sound,game ..) modules on my
>    solarisbox ...

I think I can answer this one!  You need to get just the gnome-libs
distribution.  For Python bindings, you need just gnome-python, which is at
0.100.0 right now I think.

BTW, GTK+ 1.2, and PyGTK 0.5.11 just came out.  gnome-python 0.100.0 comes with
PyGTK 0.5.11.

But following the PyGTK developments closely, I have to warn everyone that there
are some major revisions occuring now, so that something made in PyGTK 0.5.6
will probably need major revisions to work with PyGTK 1.0, when it comes out. 
This should not be a great concern to us since we have almost nothing written. 
But I am still confident that Python-GNOME/GTK is the best path for us.

Along this line, I was reading about Corel's decision to support the WINE
project, which lets Windows programs run on UNIX.  They consider Windows to be
the development/deployment evironment, which is then made "portable and
transparent" by WINE.  I think our use of UNIX works in the reverse.  We can
develop for Python/GTK/GNOME/UNIX, for which there are efforts to port to
Windows, etc.

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