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Fri Feb 26 17:14:03 EST 1999

Yeah, I realized that just after I sent that message.

$2M ? Seems like a lot but if you've invested $20 million( or more)
in sequencing hardware what's $2M to make it work?

Are you talking about Collaboratories? That is an interesting concept.


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> Jeeeez!  Does the concept seem a little familiar?  BTW, this
> is the same company
> from which I got the first pics.
> You know, I have been thinking seriously about taking Loci
> one step further and  making it a system for Internet-wide research
> between loosely affiliated people.  It's something I still have to clear
> Ken Marx, but I was thinking that we, The BIC Group, could use Loci to
> collaborate on some "open" research projects, making an "open laboratory"
> treats scientific research like a GNU software project.  Any thoughts?
> Jeff
> bizzaro at bc.edu

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