[Pipet Devel] Re: Casbah Project

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Jan 12 12:52:32 EST 1999

david.lapointe at umassmed.edu wrote:
> Some of the recent email here reminded me of this project (NTLUG -North
> Texas Linux Users Group). Basically the notion of content management.
> http://www.ntlug.org/casbah/index.shtml

Hmmmm.  Indeed.  This is something I think we could pick up a few ideas from.

Casbah does intend to be the framework for an application such as Loci, but I
think we should avoid the Java (we want Python to be the real backbone for
Loci), and some of the other components of Casbah may be a bit of bloat for us. 
But real interesting stuff...thanks.  Anyone else want to comment on it?

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