[Pipet Devel] Web interface

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Jan 22 04:29:34 EST 1999

> JavaScript is open source isn't it? It's part of Mozilla. Supposedly the

The problem with JavaScript is not licensing, but compatibility.
I haven't tried myself, but those who did try to write non-trivial
JavaScript code supposed to work in all popular browsers tell me
that it's not a pleasant experience.

> absolute positioning of elements (CSS2/DOM). I'm not sure how soon Mozilla
> is going to support all this, but I suspect within this year.

And how long until it works reliably? It seems that Web browsers
are the only software category whose quality standards are even below
scientific code.

> Because there is no open source version that supports a sufficiently
> dynamic interface yet - but it might arrive within this year -, it is
> probably a good idea to implement the UI in GTK first. Once the design
> stabilizes and the open source web interface language implementation
> becomes available, some of us can then see how far one can push a dynamic
> web interface.

That sounds like a good approach to me.

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