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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Jan 24 22:54:35 EST 1999

I wrote:
> This is similar to what I had planned for the Gatekeeper.  The Gatekeeper will
> know what tools are installed locally (on the server) and what each can do. 
> This information is reported to the connecting client, so that the client loci
> will then know what analysis loci are there.

In case this isn't clear to anyone, the function of the Gatekeeper (and
possibly a client side locus that handles all calls to the Gatekeeper--I'm
calling it the "Porta Internet", Latin for Internet portal) is to make the
analysis algorithms transparent to the client loci.  In other words, the
information will come from a Python module (Gatekeeper via Porta Internet) and
be nicely packaged as an XML object.  The clients must have no idea they are
communicating with non-Python programs.  They act as though Porta Internet is
just another client.

Oh, and that goes for CORBA as well.  We should have a Porta CORBA that turns
the CORBA objects into Python/Paos/Loci objects, making Perl, etc. transparent
to the clients.  (Maybe we should use CORBA to connect Perl to Loci, since
we've been talking about using Perl, unless anyone knows a better way.)

Think Globetrotters, not Washington Generals ;-)

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