[Pipet Devel] and another thing...

Carlos Maltzahn carlosm at mroe.cs.colorado.edu
Mon Jan 25 02:43:34 EST 1999

> For both the client and server sides, we need databases to keep track of
> what loci are present and what they can do.  In the case of the client
> (GUI) loci, all of the public objects need to be recorded.  Carlos, does
> this make sense regarding Paos?  Paos is an active object server.  Does
> it have a way to catalog objects that may change as the configuration
> changes?  This is VERY important! 

I believe so. Depending on how you design the object schema you can
register notification requests with a Paos server to notify you of any
changes as well as any additions/removals. Notification requests have the
same power as regular queries. So all you need to do is to define the
catalog of objects that may change as a query and register it with Paos. 
Additions/removals are handled by formulating queries for changes in sets
of objects. 
* * * 

I'm currently in a paper deadline crunch - sorry - but I'm working on the
Paos documentation/tutorial "real soon now". :) 


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