[Pipet Devel] Web pages (was: Gary Van Domselaar joins!)

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Jul 4 17:08:02 EDT 1999

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> For my first task I think I should probably flesh out the web site a
> bit.  What would you like to see?  I personally like the GNOME web page
> design (http://www.gnome.org), which is quite a bit like the loci pages
> are now.

Gary, by "GNOME web page design", do you mean the layout or the graphics?  One
of the first Loci (then called TULIP) pages used both the graphics and layout of
GNOME.  I have sice changed it quite a bit.  The current design looks a little
more like Freshmeat's.  I have also tried to keep the Loci pages looking like
other TOL pages.

Can you come up with a one-page prototype so we can  get an idea as to how it
would look?

> For starters I propose the following structure:
> Main Page - Logo, blurb, and News.
> User Info
>     Introduction to Loci
>     Tour of Loci
>     Download
>     Documentation
> Developer Info
>     Introduction (Joining, Background Info & Development Tools)
>     Loci Architecture & Systems
>     CVS instructions (CVS server?)
>     Mailing List
> This structure is based loosely on the gnome web pages.

Some other things:


        List of developers
        Development snapshots

We need some CVS instructions for TOL in general.  Loci can just have a link to
the TOL page for that.

> I made a couple Loci logos last week when i was playing with the GIMP
> and POVRAY.  You can check them out at
> http://redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca/~gvd/loci/
> Give me your input and I will GIMP up an 'official' logo when I get back

Wow!  I think they're really nice.  I had an idea of my own.  I will sketch it
up and post it here soon to see what everyone thinks of it.

>From a recent message:
> I hope to have 
> the web pages a little more complete by then, so that they can visit the site.  I might 
> need your help for technical review.

Sure.  There are some rather lengthy discussions that we had about Loci's
design.  I was thinking that they might be turned into technical essays that we
can post.

> A month isnt a lot of time, so I think I will have 
> to do the pages quickly rather than correctly.  I'm not super-happy with netscape 
> composer, but I think I will develop the pages with it for now.

What have you used before?

> I'd like the option of 
> writing php for dynamic web page generation, but I dont think it is activated in the 
> apache web server right now.

Hmmm.  Alan Williams (Alan at TheWilliamsFamily.org) just offered to do some PHP
scripting too.  Maybe you too can work together on this?  One thing we were
looking to do was put a table of contents on the right side of each Loci page. 
But it would have to be dynamically generated in case there are some changes.  I
started doing this statically, but it just became too much to keep up with as I
added new pages.

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