[Pipet Devel] dbXML

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Jul 25 12:14:29 EDT 1999


I found an announcement for the dbXML project at Freshmeat.  This appears to be
what we were discussing a short while ago: If we're using all XML for our data,
why not use an XML-based database?  Well, we weren't aware of any at the time. 
Here's the announcement (Justin, is this guy related to you?):

   dbXML project now online
   Tom Bradford - July 22nd 1999, 04:55 EST 

   The dbXML project is a development effort with the ultimate goal of
   producing a high-performance client/server DBMS for XML-based
   structured documents. Overall, the theory is that you could speed up
   database retrieval incredibly if you did not have to join tables
   constantly to retrieve structured data. So many programs are written
   to import and export tabular query results to and from XML that it
   seems like somewhat of a useless step. Why not just store entire
   structured documents as single entities and retrieve whole or partial
   documents with simple SQL queries? This is the goal of the dbXML
   project. The project is only a little more than one week old and is
   actively looking for talented volunteer contributors. 


They are looking for help.  Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone here.

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