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Below is Bernhard's reply to my questions about Sketch.  Recall that a large
part of the Loci GUI is presenting the results of an analysis as
publication-quality illustrations or figures.  If the results can be rendered as
vector graphic objects, they become much more usable.  As you may have guessed,
the results can then be manipulated in a vector graphics drawing program and
combined with other results, etc.

On a related note, I am using the GNOME canvas for the workflow diagram.  It has
proven to be just what I needed.  However, as Bernhard mentions, it may make
Loci more difficult to install on non-GNOME, non-Linux systems.  I tried using
straight GTK for the WFD, but I don't think I could ever match the features and
speed of the GNOME canvas with Python drawing primitives.

So, Sketch and what Bernhard was able to do with Python, are of great interest
to me.  The question I must answer now is whether I should stick with the GNOME
canvas for almost everything (which may mean making our own PyGNOME vector
drawing program) or wait and see if we can implement Sketch.  As Bernhard says
below, he is working on making Sketch more as we would need it, of course not by
our request, but he too finds the GNOME canvas an attractive toolset.

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