[Pipet Devel] yum, canned locus (was: from Justin)

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Wed Jun 16 14:38:47 EDT 1999

"J. Steinbachs" wrote:
> This paragraph applies to my users very well.  While there are some who
> love a unix prompt and running Paup* "batch" files, most of my users
> have *shudder* Macs sitting on their desks.  The grant money for these
> spiffy computers also includes some funding for GCG.  With these users
> in mind, I would love to get a system up and running focusing on GCG
> simply because it would be administratively simple for me and provides
> an instant friendly user interface for the novice computer users (mostly
> curators).

Hi Jennifer.  I'm a bit confused to see "GCG," "administratively simple," and
"user friendly" used in the same sentence :-)  Are we talking about the same
GCG, the Wisconsin Package?  I think there is a Web interface, if that's what
you're referring to.

> The other system will likely be some sort of Linux Beowulf cluster
> without GCG, and for the time being, without a customized friendly user
> interface - unless of course Loci comes into fruition soon :)

Wow.  Is the cluster going to be set up in-house or come pre-built by a Linux
system builder?  As you may have read, Loci can gains computational "power" by
distributing analyses to more powerful systems.  It would be nice to see it
running on a Beowulf cluster.

> When I get one or both of these systems, I would be more than happy to
> alpha and/or beta test (and I can think of a few users who might be good
> guinea pigs for the user front-end).

Great.  Do you have a system running GNOME at the moment?  If so, it shouldn't
be much to get the GUI running that I've been working on.

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