[Pipet Devel] Notebook and storing workflow.

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga hortiz at neurobio.upr.clu.edu
Thu Jun 24 23:55:53 EDT 1999

>  > That's a good question.  I thought about that while coding the Workspace, and it
>  > seems I may need another XML to store an entire WorkFlow Diagram, in case it
>  > needs to be restarted.  The Workspace can even be something the user can
>  > New/Open/Save/Close as if it were a wordprocessing document.  I think this
>  > should be tied into the whole "Electronic Notebook" idea, since the EN and the
>  > Workspace will be managing the same information.  Interesting.  Any thoughts?

I think this is right on the money.

> Furthermore, when setting up the flow, we should be able to insert a
> document type to indicate that we want a permanent record of that data
> (even if it is in the middle of an analysis flow).  So for instance:
>      Seq Doc --> Digest Mod --> Digest Map Viewer
> would show a digest map to the user, where
>      Seq Doc --> Digest Mod --> Digest Doc --> Digest Viewer
> would not only show the map, but store a copy of the results. 
> In a perfect world you wouldn't need to store the itermediate, you could
> just regenerate it from the flow info in the notebook, however lets say
> the extra site! This is why we need to be able to document not just how to
> generate the data, but we need to be able to store and track the data that
> is generated.

I think we may have to store _all_ intermediates by default, with the
option of pruning intermediates (but never final results), and may
well want to always keep everything, (like a real lab notebook).

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