[Pipet Devel] GST, widgets & figure building

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Fri Jun 25 13:00:07 EDT 1999

> The only trick left is to think of the Workplace and the figbuilder as
> two different views into the same object, let's call it an experiment
> DOM tree.  Figbuilder asks for all final figure fragments and calls
> viewers to produce figure canvas objects for display, and the
> workspace calls all loci and asks them to render their control boxes
> and editor widgets.
> The trick is we can do all this (and more) by just slightly enhancing
> gdome and adding python wrappers.

I've joined the gdome mailing list and sent email to author of the white
papers. After my DSL line is installed today, I'll be able to grab
whatever gdome source is available. gdome looks pretty cool, and I think
we can make it perfect for Loci. We'll need Python bindings for ORBit, so
I'll look into that also. Also, I'm going to implement a gdome interface
over tcp/ip, so not all tools will need to be CORBA apps (which will make
the remote tool development easier [just some minor scripting]).


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