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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Jun 27 09:53:19 EDT 1999

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga wrote:
> > I merged the best of the GUI paradigms I've been toying with the past month or
> > so.  Now each locus has a box with a drop shadow, an icon, and a label.  Box
> > shape, color, icon and label can all be specified.
> >
> > Attached is a screenshot.  You can see the popup menu (from a right mouse button
> > click) over one of the loci, which is also black because it is selected.  Below
> > another locus is a windowlet, which you can show/hide by double-clicking in the
> > box.
> I checked out loci-core and loci-widgets from CVS, but can't get
> anything like the screenshot. Can you give a step by step?

You only need loci-core from CVS.  I just found out that I forgot to add an
icon.  It should work now.

loci-core requires the following packages:

    gnome-libs 1.0.10
    gnome-python 1.0.3

If you don't have these, the workspace will crash from time to time or might not
work at all.

loci-widgets is not needed yet.

Just checkout loci-core, and run "loci.py".  It should be an executable. 
Pressing the right mouse button will bring up a popup menu for adding new loci.

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