[Fwd: [Pipet Devel] more nice interfaces]

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Mon Mar 1 15:51:30 EST 1999

>> Do we have access to a mailing list archieve ? - I have been away to
>> long from this list to keep an <what data structure/markup languages
>> to use overview ...
> Justin is managing the majordomo account at UKansas.  I know there are
> some utilities to convert e-mails to HTML.

I've set up a mhonarc to archive our email to the web.
It's at http://toaster.sped.ukans.edu/tulip-list/

> If you want, I can forward you e-mails from any time span, since I save
> Loci e-mail on my computer.

I have all of the mail since I joined the project up on it, but if you can
send me the mail prior to Janurary 4th, I'll but that up, too.

Justin Bradford
justin at ukans.edu

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