[Pipet Devel] mailing list and some confusion

Carlos Maltzahn carlosm at moet.cs.colorado.edu
Mon Mar 1 18:20:33 EST 1999

    [Justin Bradford]
    Also, would it be possible for you to explain your vision for how the
    various components of Loci interact again. I'll somewhat fuzzy on how some
    things interconnect at the network level.
    For instance, network connections occur between what points?
    What decides the path? What receives status updates? What happens when
    problems arise? Does something always have to be running on the user's
    side, and if so, what does it do?
    I had a vision for the structure, which I don't think is what you had, and
    all of the terminology we've been using has gotten muddled in my mind.

I agree. A new design diagram or a glossary would be very useful at this


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