[Pipet Devel] and still more infrastructure things

Rahul Jain rahul at photino.sid.rice.edu
Wed Mar 3 00:20:14 EST 1999

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, Justin Bradford wrote:

> I miss enclosed blocks, but otherwise I'm doing ok.
> {
>    whitespace   usage should 
>       be random  . you can just  parse  around
>  it.
> }

Regarding this problem, I think we could hack up a preprocessor in perl to
convert stuff like this to standard python, sorta like cpp but customized
for python. There could also be a line we put that the top that defines
the format of this file. We could also make deprocessors to convert from
one format to the cannonical style of the other.

Just some of my many ramblings...

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