[Pipet Devel] sorta related school project

Rahul Jain rahul at photino.sid.rice.edu
Wed Mar 3 01:26:15 EST 1999

Hi guys,

For a programming class (Visualization in Science and Engineering), I need
to write a Mathematica module that will essentially be a guided
exploration to implement a specifc algorithim in Mathematica. I want to do
something bioinformatics-related, so I was wondering what algorithim lends
itself to a simple, but non-trivial, exploration. Mathematica can do some
pretty intense mathematical stuff (That's what it was made for, duh), but
it's also great at visualization.

This project is meant to be for students in a variety of science and
engineering fields, so shouldn't rely on more than high school biology. It
should be a derivation of the algorithim from first principles for a
special case and then a generalization. Check out
http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~comp260/ for some examples of the kind of
stuff he wants us to write (You need Mathematica to view them).

Does any body have any ideas as to what algorithim I might use? I haven't
done much in bioinformatics, so I'll need an explanation of the algorithim
or a reference to a book or journal article.

Thanks for the help,

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