[Pipet Devel] new server up

Tim jabbo at mindless.com
Thu Mar 18 11:24:30 EST 1999

That reminds me -- what sort of RAM does the machine take?  I can pick
some up at auction and beef the onsager.uml.edu server up to a
respectable amount if you tell me what type (EDO or FP, ECC or not, how
many pins, how many nanoseconds) it takes.  16MB won't cut it for
anything exciting.  (hell, my workstation has 128MB, but that's so I can
cache the OS into memory ;-))

Also, I apologize for being almost dead to the world.  I have been under
a lot of pressure to pull off a lesser miracle ... as of April 1st that
pressure is off.  I have been playing with PyGTK and trying to get back
into the swing of things, but the codon code I thought was finished
isn't around, and I'd like to stick an interface on it anyways.  I will
have a lot of leverage here after my deadline.

One thing that (thanks to work) I've been playing with a whole lot is
servlets; I know that a web interface isn't really what we're after, but
there are some stupendous projects out there that might allow us to run
JPython versions of some of the code on a webserver.  That, combined
with the ability to do cool stuff with corba, equals a lot of freedom
for showing prototypes to the people that would actually use this
package.  Anyways, I'll write more on this after my deadline.

Konrad -- I know French crypto laws are sort of fascist but is there any
way to use something similar to ssh?  Or alternatively could we set up a
mirroring type of thing?  Or... hell, this could be interesting.  We
gotta work around it.  I guess it would be way better to risk a
corrupted codebase than to have barriers to people like Konrad's
contributing easily.

Jon Stevens at clearink has a bunch of notes on setting up CVS and
managing stuff behind-the-scenes for the Java-Apache project:


Or alternatively I could help out after April 1st.  (there's a theme
here ;-))
Seriously though I can think of some other solutions now that I'm
writing; we have an interactive system here at Macro that runs under
SSL, maybe that would work, if so I can help you set it up (that'd be
port 443) and we could work on it from that angle.  Being fascist is
silly, but so is losing work!

        "When it is not necessary to make a decision,
          it is necessary not to make a decision."

                                    --Lord Falkland

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