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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sat Mar 27 21:08:44 EST 1999

Hehehe.  The marker I put in at the end of my last message: "/guiscript" cut off
the message.

Here is the rest...

and perhaps the script is read in by the locus and then written to a temporary
file.  Once in that file, the locus can "import" the module as if it were always

> You don't mean the analysis tool generates the script, though, right?
Not from scratch.  But the analysis tool can pick out a script from a
library/repository that is appropriate for the biodata in the XML.

IOW, we are looking at "browsing" data that contains its own instructions for
display and manipulation.  It may be somewhat akin to Javascript in an HTML
doc.  I think that's the best way to look at it.

But what does the user gain?  I think that, just as the original plan for Loci
was to allow the user to access analysis tools without having them all on the
user's machine, this would allow the user to access graphical tools the same

What I think may go along with this very well (in fact may be required), is a
GUI builder (or Locus builder), sort of like a specialized Delphi.  This can
help developers create custom loci without having to get into too much of the
Python and LocusML.

Maybe this is very complicated, but I think it is the direction software
development is heading.  If we don't go this way now, we may see AOL Navigator
do the same stuff in 10 years.

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