[Pipet Devel] I'd like to contribute.

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Mar 29 21:22:05 EST 1999

Hello Humberto!

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga wrote:

> I've been given the go ahead to develop sequence analysis tools for a
> molecular biology core facility being set up here.
> I'd like to contribute to the Loci project, as it looks like you've designed
> the very system I'd like to create

We'd love to have you help.  We want to develop both a system for networking
biotools and a set of basic biotools (loci).

> (by the way, where is the design document?
> I read it friday night, but it's not on the new web site yet).

I don't have anything called a "design document".  It could have been a few
things.  Did you see it on the mailing list archive or the old Web site?

The new site is just starting to come together, so it is missing quite a bit. 
But as far as an actual design is concerned, it has been changing lately, and
the best way to tell what we're going to do (until the Web site is ready) is to
read the mailing list archive:


> I've got a couple of years experience developing sequence analysis and genetic
> mapping tools, some of which are available on the web:
> http://www-bio.cnnet.clu.edu/analysis/ (when it's up)
> http://www.neurobio.upr.clu.edu/~hortiz/cmb/tkmap/
> http://www.neurobio.upr.clu.edu/~hortiz/cmb/bpe/

I took a look at the sites.  You seem very capable.  I like the "TkMap", since
we will want a genome map viewer, and the sequence viewers will show a map as

> I've dabbled a little in python, and done no gnome programming, but I agree
> with both these choices for a analysis GUI.  I've gotten the python-gnome
> package set up on my machine, and looked over the mailing list archives (and
> subscribed).

You may want to check out my PyG Tools Web site:


> I look forward to contributing.


I will make an account for you on our Linux box:

And I will soon send out a list of loci that need developers.

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